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Ultimate Guide of Halo Ring Settings

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What is Halo Ring Settings?

The halo setting of an engagement ring consists of a ring of in-line accent diamonds surrounding the larger center stone. The halo can match or differ from the center stone according to your preferences and style.

This setting can help you keep your engagement ring budget intact by enhancing the appearance of your center stone. Due to the pavé diamonds added to a halo setting, you can also get a show-stopping sparkle.

History of Halo Ring Settings

Halo engagement rings may seem trendy, but they have a long history. Halo rings have been used in jewelry since the early 1700s, even though their style and design have changed. There were times when colorful gemstone halo rings were popular, and other times when diamonds and pearl halo rings were famous. Halo rings from the Victorian Era featured intricate filigree and milgrain, while the Art Deco era was notable for simple and streamlined designs.

Halo rings are available in almost any design today! The square cut diamond and the pave set diamond are popular choices, and the double halo ring is also making a comeback.

Pros and cons of Halo Ring Settings


  • Rings with halo settings look much more impressive and sparkler than rings with smaller carat diamonds.
  • The halo engagement ring offers a stunning alternative to the expensive 2-carat diamond. Halo rings can be added to diamonds weighing 0.9 to 1 carat.
  • A halo protects the center stone as well as provides additional security.
  • Diamonds of any shape and type can be set in halo settings.
  • A halo setting can contrast the gemstone’s color with the ring’s metal or the centerpiece stone.


  • A small diamond in the halo can occasionally fall off if hit. But in the end, it’s better than having the centerpiece diamond cracked.
  • The Halo setting is more challenging to clean than a solitaire diamond ring, as with most intricate settings.

Popular Types of Halo Ring Settings

The Double Halo

An extension of the original halo setting, the double halo setting features two rings of pavé stones around the center stone instead of one.

There’s more sparkle with the double halo than a ripple effect!


The Clawless Halo

Clawless halo rings are constructed by lowering the center stone into the halo and securing the diamond with pave stones.

It ensures that no metal claws are visible on your diamond and that it retains its brilliance.


The Star Halo

Star halo settings feature a variety of shapes and sizes of pavé diamonds surrounding the center stone. Your engagement ring can be transformed to look like a star with a distinctive edge, or a flower with rounded pavé stones, depending on your choice.

This classic design is enhanced with a vintage star halo. Star halo settings have pavé diamonds of different shapes and sizes around the center stone. With round pavé stones or a star with a more distinctive edge, an engagement ring can mimic the appearance of a flower or a star. A vintage star halo enhances this classic design.


The Hidden Halo

The hidden halo may be a good choice if you prefer a less obvious halo design. Halo setting and prong setting are two types of setting styles you can combine in a hidden halo.

This halo includes a single row of pavĂ© diamonds set on the gallery bar or a single line of prongs at the base of the ring to surround the center stone. The halo isn’t visible from the top, but the placement makes it look like a hidden surprise from the side!


Buying a Halo Engagement Ring

A halo ring is versatile because of its style. The possibilities are endless when it comes to selecting shapes, stones, and contrasting colors for your ring. Are you interested in seeing more styles of halo rings? Check out the stunning halo engagement rings available at Blue Nile.

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