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What is J Color Diamond?


On the GIA grading color scale, J color diamonds are part of the near colorless class. Color saturation is most noticeable when viewed from the side of these diamonds. When diamonds are set in an engagement ring or other jewelry setting, their color can be hidden from above. People generally begin to notice color in diamonds in the J to K range. Therefore, K color diamonds are included in the faint color group along with L and M colors.

J color diamonds are so cheap compared to other diamond colors because people who want a massive carat and more saturation tend to go down to K color diamond. People who’re more concerned about color tend to get better grades like G and H.

J color diamonds come in a range of shades, with the lightest looking like I color diamonds and the darkest looking like K color diamonds.

J color diamond | J color diamond chart

Is J Color Diamond Good?

If you are looking for a nice, white diamond at an affordable price, J color diamonds are a wise choice. A diamond J color costs 20% less than a diamond of I color. It is 35% less than a diamond of H color, and 44% less than a G color diamond. Although these diamonds all belong to the “near colorless” class of diamonds, they are all considered to be representative of the “G, H, I, and J” colored diamonds.

A diamond with some fluorescence, such as this 1 carat J VS1 diamond with medium fluorescence available from one of our top-rated online jewelers, is a cost-effective way to get more carat weight for the same budget.

Best settings for J color diamond

The style of the diamond is equally important as the ring’s metal. It’s essential for diamonds in side stones and halo settings.

The J diamond color will be reflected in a halo of D-G melee diamonds if diamonds of colorless D-G surround that diamond. It will be much easier to see the yellow tint of the centerpiece if mounted in a yellow gold ring with higher-quality diamonds. Surrounding a diamond color J with lower-quality melee stones would also be a mistake. The main diamond’s beauty will emphasise the halo’s lower quality.

A side stone setting is another factor to consider. They can show your center stone’s yellow tints if they are colorless. It’s important to pick stones that complement the J diamond and match its color.

H vs J Color Diamond

The J color diamond in the ring looks yellow in white gold. The H color diamond provides a good balance between colorless and yellow diamonds.

A diamond of H color is compared to a master stone of a higher color grade, and the color of the diamond is virtually indistinguishable. These diamonds look nearly colorless when they’re face up. There is still a scarcity of these diamonds, but their cost is slightly less, and they are considered a good value.

The J colored diamonds are noticeable. As soon as the diamond has been mounted, the small amount of color is not visible to the naked eye. Diamonds of this quality are precious and frequently used as diamond engagement ring, earring, and pendant.

Where Should You Buy J Color Diamonds?

After reading about J color diamonds, you may be wondering where you can purchase one. Brilliant Earth is the perfect place for you. They focus on providing customers with a direct source for shopping. As highly professional jewelers, they are committed to quality and passionate about diamonds.

Brilliant Earth offers both lab-created and recycled diamonds, which do not require new mining. In case you are in the market for a color J diamond, they can assist you in finding a loose diamond or a piece of jewelry holding a J colored diamond, bringing an abundance of experience and dedication to the table.

Brilliant Earth is truly prepared and eager to create the most stunning pieces of J color diamond jewelry for anyone who wears jewelry or diamonds. To learn more about this, please visit the “Contact Us” section of the website, leave your information and a quick message and they will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.


Is J color diamond too yellow?

Diamonds with a J color grade have a slight yellow hue but retain brilliance. This diamond is less expensive than diamonds with a higher color grade, so you can choose the carat size, cut, and clarity more freely. The price of this diamond makes it an excellent choice for anyone on a budget. The color will be more noticeable if you want a step cut diamond with this color grade.

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