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What is an Orange Color Diamond?

Among the fancy color diamonds, orange colored diamonds, also known as pumpkin diamonds and fire diamonds, are the rarest and most extraordinary.

Each diamond color has a different cause. Similar to yellow color diamonds, orange color diamonds have a beautiful color due to nitrogen elements. Nitrogen atoms are grouped differently between orange and yellow diamonds during the diamond formation process. Due to the hyper-specific arrangement, orange color diamonds absorb blue and yellow light, creating an orange hue.

Orange color diamonds with modifying colors like brown, yellow, and pink are relatively common, but vivid orange stones are rare and valuable.

How Affordable are Orange Color Diamonds?

There is a high demand for diamond orange color because of their rarity and beauty. Orange colored diamonds are among the rarest stones worldwide without modifying or overtone colors. Only red, violet, pink, and blue diamonds are rarer than orange color diamonds.

It is safe to conclude that the Pumpkin Diamond and the Orange are valuable, based on how much they sold for at auction. Despite this, diamond orange colors are significantly less expensive due to the presence of modifying colors.

Are Orange Color Diamonds Rare?

Most orange colored diamonds are type 1B, indicating a consistent scattering of nitrogen atoms throughout the stone. Type 1B diamonds make up less than 0.1% of diamonds, so they’re as rare as Type 2B diamonds. Despite this, orange diamonds are less rare than other types of natural colored diamonds such as blue, red, and pink color diamonds.

The purity of the color tone primarily determines the rarity of orange diamonds. There are many fancy orange colored diamonds with secondary color hues like overtones of brown, yellow, or pink, but pure fancy orange color diamonds are pretty rare. They’re not nearly as rare as fancy red color diamonds but similar to pink and blue color diamonds.

How to Choose an Orange Color Diamond?


Orange colored diamonds usually have secondary hues, which affects their value. It is rare to find a pure orange color diamond without any secondary colors. Due to their color and the famed Pumpkin Diamond, these are sometimes called Pumpkins in the diamond industry.

The overall value of an orange diamond decreases noticeably if it has secondary colors of yellow or brown. On the other hand, a yellow diamond is much more valuable if it contains secondary tints of valuable diamond colors, such as red or pink.

A diamond’s quality and value are influenced by its saturation and tone.

The saturation and tone of a diamond refer to its intensity. Colored diamonds are graded based on their intensity using the GIA colored diamond grading scale. Among them are:

  • Faint Orange
  • Very Light Orange
  • Light Orange
  • Fancy Light Orange
  • Fancy Orange
  • Fancy Intense Orange
  • Fancy Vivid Orange
  • Fancy Deep Orange


A colored diamond’s clarity isn’t as crucial as a colorless diamond’s. Colored diamonds are more forgiving of flaws and inclusions than colorless diamonds since the color is more important. Orange diamonds also tend to hide flaws better because of their color. Make sure the diamond is eye-clean and has no large, unsightly flaws.


The shape of a colored diamond depends on which shape brings out the most color. Color intensity is weaker in round cuts, so most colored diamonds have a fancy cut. Radiant Cuts and Cushion Cuts are most popular, followed by Pear Shape, Oval Shape, Heart Shape, and Marquise Cut. Carat weight is another factor that determines a colored diamond’s value. Most fancies weigh under 1 carat, no matter what color they are. The value of fancy colored diamonds above 5 carats is exceptionally high.


Diamonds are polished to enhance their natural qualities, maximize their color, increase their sparkle, and make them appear larger than their actual carat weight.

Where to Buy Orange Color Diamonds?

Always choose a reputable and trustworthy retailer when buying diamond orange color. It is always advisable to obtain a certificate of authenticity from an independent laboratory and to inquire about the origin of the stone.

If you’re looking for loose orange diamonds, we recommend checking out Leibish. They have one of the largest online diamond inventories and offer a wide variety of orange colored diamonds at reasonable prices.

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