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What is a Purple Color Diamond?

Most purple color diamonds are found in Russia and Australia, usually in very small sizes. A combination of trace elements and structural deformations is thought to produce their unique color.

The color of purple diamonds ranges from pale gray-toned lavender to deep blue-violet. Pale purple color diamonds are more prevalent than deeper purple color diamonds, and gray and pink are the most prevalent secondary colors.

Purple colored diamonds are classified under only four colors by accredited gem laboratories such as the GIA. Violet, purple, bluish violet, and reddish-purple. All manner of marketing color terminology is used in the jewelry retail business.

Various shades of purple colored diamonds are available under a variety of colorful names, such as:

  • Orchid Diamond
  • Grape Diamond
  • Lavender Diamond
  • Violet Diamond
  • Plum Diamond

Despite their usefulness in communicating with customers, these terms are not standardized or regulated by the industry. A purple colored diamond is so rare that most jewelers have never even seen one. Carat values for the few auctioned range from $1.2m to $4m.

Depending on the quality and intensity of the color, artificially colored purple colored diamonds can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per carat. Many of these stones are smaller, so you can find a quality petite purple diamond for a few thousand dollars.

How Affordable are Purple Color Diamonds?

It is extremely difficult to find a pure purple colored diamond, so its price is high. Color diamonds with different color combinations are more affordable. Even though purple color diamonds are rare, the more purple they are, the more they cost.

Are Purple Color Diamonds Rare?

Purple color diamonds are so rare and precious that most people are unaware of their existence. Purple diamonds are a splendid choice for someone as unique as these marvelous stones, whether set in an engagement ring or a pendant.

You can choose a loose diamond purple color and a custom-made setting for an engagement ring that reflects your values and relationship. Your perfect purple diamond color can help you achieve your dreams.

How to Choose a Purple Color Diamond?


An unusually high concentration of hydrogen characterizes purple diamonds. The color modifiers that can be found in purple diamonds include pink, pinkish, and grayish pinkish. The intensity levels of purple diamonds are:

  • Faint
  • Very Light
  • Light
  • Fancy Light
  • Fancy
  • Fancy Intense
  • Fancy Vivid
  • Fancy Deep

The rarity of purple colored diamonds has led some people to enhance the color of the diamond to create a beautiful purple color. The color saturation of enhanced diamonds is higher than natural purple diamonds. Such diamonds also contain orange fluorescence.


Natural fancy purple diamond color usually have inclusions and fall in the SI1 to I2 range. Dark inclusions and clouds diminish the clarity of purple diamonds. VS2 or better clarity purple diamonds are rare.


It’s hard to cut purple diamonds because of their unique color-zoning properties, but it’s available in various sizes. Faceting material is usually between five to ten carats.


Purple diamonds can be found in virtually any shape, including cushion, emerald, and princess cuts, as well as the classic round brilliant cut. Purple color diamonds have relatively darker tones than other natural colored diamonds, so a round brilliant cut doesn’t necessarily desaturate color. Uneven color distributions can also affect a diamond’s appearance and value.

Where to Buy Purple Color Diamonds?

Always choose a reputable and trustworthy retailer when buying purple colored diamonds. It is always advisable to obtain a certificate of authenticity from an independent laboratory and to inquire about the stone’s origin.

If you’re looking for loose purple colored diamonds, we recommend checking out Brilliant Earth. They have one of the largest online diamond inventories and offer a wide variety of purple diamonds at reasonable prices.

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