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What is a Red Color Diamond?

The origin of red color diamonds has frightened gemologists for many years since they contain only pure, unadulterated carbon. Fancy color diamonds get their color from trace impurities like nitrogen or boron, which alter the stone’s body color. There are no trace elements in red color diamond.

Red diamonds have a color that is believed to be caused by distortions in the crystal lattice while they are still growing due to the pressure of holding up the literal world. This causes the light to be broken up as it passes through the stone, allowing only the red hue to be reflected at us. Pink color diamonds are formed similarly, but the distortion is more intense in this case.

There are only a few examples of this diamond discovered each year worldwide – only three or four in total – and most of them are found in the Argyle mine in Australia. They produce the most colored diamonds worldwide so that you might recognize their name.

How Affordable are Red Color Diamonds?

Red color diamonds are highly valued because of their rarity and composition. Despite the absence of chemical impurities, its coloration is unique. Red color diamonds are the rarest and purest of all fancy colored diamonds. As a result, their per-carat price is significantly higher than that of other diamonds.

Are Red Color Diamonds Rare?

The red diamond is the rarest variety of diamond. Approximately 133 million carats of rough diamonds are mined each year, and only a few of those are red diamond color. The majority of samples are small, but they are still very valuable.

How to Choose a Red Color Diamond?


The hue of diamond red colors is only evaluated in one color: red. The color scale for colored diamonds varies from

  • Faint
  • Very Light
  • Light
  • Fancy Light
  • Fancy
  • Fancy Intense
  • Fancy Vivid
  • Fancy Deep

Color is usually more valuable when it’s richer, more intense, and uniform. Red color diamonds, considered a variation of Fancy Deep Pink, can have complementary colors. Grades such as Purplish Red, Brownish Red, and Orange Red fall into this category. A true red color diamond with no overtones is the most valuable, followed by a purplish red.

Cut, clarity, and carat weight are the three quality factors that determine the value of red colored diamonds, in addition to their color.


The clarity grade is always important to the value of a diamond, but it is a lower priority when grading colored diamonds. Fancy colored diamonds are so rare that even stones in lower clarity grades are worth a lot.

Inclusions and blemishes are often removed when diamond cutters work with standard colorless diamonds to improve clarity grades. Creating a gem with rich, saturated color is the top priority when working with colored stones. To ensure a more intense hue, they may sacrifice the clarity grade.


Red colored diamonds are the rarest and most valuable fancy-colored diamonds. When they appear at jewelry auctions, they sell for millions per carat. Around $400,000 per carat is the starting price for small natural red color diamonds.


Diamond cutters use their skills and experience when making colored diamonds, particularly a color as rare and valuable as red, to emphasize the body color as much as possible. The gem cutter in contrast tries to minimize the appearance of any off-colors when cutting colorless diamonds.

The facets and angles are positioned so that light entering the stone enhances the color, not diminishes it. Diamond cutters can only work with fancy colored diamonds if they have precise and expert skills.

Where to Buy Red Color Diamonds?

Always choose a reputable and trustworthy retailer when buying red colored diamonds. It is always advisable to obtain a certificate of authenticity from an independent laboratory and to inquire about the origin of the stone.

If you’re looking for loose red color diamonds, we recommend checking out Leibish. They have one of the largest online diamond inventories and offer a wide variety of red color diamonds at reasonable prices.

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