Three-Stone Ring Settings

Ultimate Guide of Three-Stone Ring Settings

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What is Three-Stone Ring Settings

A three-stone setting may appear in various styles based on the individual’s preferences and style. It is important when examining three-stone ring settings to consider the proportions and cut of each stone, as well as the type of gemstone used. The brilliance of your dream engagement ring can certainly be enhanced if you give these aspects significant consideration.

History of Three-Stone Ring Settings

Diamond ring settings with three stones are not new. It is historically associated with the Georgian Era (1830-1837) and Victorian Era (1820-1914). It was also extremely popular from the 1930s to the 1950s. Three-stone rings were historically set with a variety of gemstones. The three-stone diamond ring was mostly fancy cut diamonds with a baguette in the 1960s and 1970s. Most people purchase a three-stone diamond ring today because it has the “traditional” look; however, many different cuts people prefer.

Pros and cons Three-Stone Ring Settings


  • The three stones add sparkle, brilliance, and scintillation to the design.
  • You can completely customise your set with the three-stone style.
  • It is possible to protect the center diamond without sacrificing color.
  • The three stone settings look incredibly luxurious and fashionable.
  • The trio at the center can cover a greater area, magnifying the overall design.
  • The center stone appears larger and more brilliant when paired with the right side stones.


  • Three-stone rings require more maintenance and cleaning over time.
  • Three-stone settings can snag and chip if placed higher on your finger than other styles if you select larger stones.
  • All those prongs make this design prone to snagging, even if you have a relatively flush three-stone setting.
  • The overall setting can appear lackluster if the side stones are not paired properly.
  • High-quality or large stones can make three-stone settings expensive.

Popular Types of Three-Stone Ring Settings


Three princess cut diamonds are set in a trinity ring’s lovely proportions and surrounded by square Diamonds. The slender shoulders and simple claw setting make this engagement ring popular. Among the three-stone engagement rings, this is one of the most popular.



This three-stone diamond engagement ring is a modern classic. The simple design looks amazing in 1 carat with sweeping claws and a comfortable court band. This design is uniquely modern because of its Lucida styling.



This Isabella Engagement Ring takes a different approach from the traditional three-stone ring. This innovative design uses a combination setting, with three equal-sized diamonds spanning edge to edge across a substantial, well-constructed ring.


Buying a Three-Stone Ring Settings

They’re pretty, but you must be careful not to get carried away by their beauty. Using the following guidelines, you can make an informed purchase decision. Make sure the diamonds are not more than one color grade apart if they are all white diamonds. Side stones with brilliant cuts tend to be brighter than other stones.

It needs to be more to know that the side stones are smaller than the center stone. Make sure you’re precise. The side stones should be between 2/3 and 3/4 the width of the center stone. Brilliant Earth is an authorized jeweler that can help you. You can be sure the stones are real since they come with an authenticity certificate and are analysed and rated by the GIA.

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